Uncovering Hidden Injuries: Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Delayed Symptoms After an Accident

by Jun 19, 2024Article

Let’s face it – the majority of drivers will probably get into a car accident at some point in their lives. Sometimes, the car accident is severe – The cars involved roll off the road, windshields get busted, and there are broken bones and visible contusions. If you’re more fortunate, the accident may be minor, and you can walk away with what you think are only minor injuries or no injuries at all. In the latter situation, maybe you think you are ok and may not think it’s necessary to seek immediate medical treatment. However, this can oftentimes be a costly mistake. Failing to be immediately evaluated by a medical provider can prove disastrous further down the road to both your physical health and the possibility of recovering just compensation for your injuries.

Reasons You Should Get Checked Out Right Away

  • Injuries aren’t always visible and you may not feel pain right after the accident: Many people believe that any injuries they may sustain after a car accident will show up right away. That is simply not the case in many situations. A traumatic event such as a car accident may cause a surge of adrenaline in the body that can mask a wide range of symptoms. Furthermore, there are quite a number of injuries like whiplash, concussions, and soft tissue damage that may not become apparent for days after an accident. Your best bet is to be safe rather than sorry and make sure you get evaluated.
  • You can be injured even when there’s little to no property damage: Even if your car isn’t damaged, you can still suffer injuries. For example, whiplash is common in situations where there is minimal or no vehicle damage due to your body jerking from a sudden motion. These injuries can get more serious over time without treatment.
  • Your case can (and often will) be worth significantly less if you have a big gap in time between the date of the accident and your first visit to a doctor.

What If I Don’t Seek Immediate Treatment?

There are potentially significant health and financial consequences for delaying medical treatment. As explained above, many injuries don’t always manifest symptoms right away. You may risk developing chronic pain when choosing not to seek treatment right away. Over time, untreated injuries can limit your range of motion as well as your daily activities. For example, if you get a hairline fracture that is not immediately obvious, it may heal improperly and cause you issues later on. Additionally, delaying treatment can significantly impair your ability to get the just compensation you deserve. You also run the risk of having to pay the entirety of your medical bills out of your own pocket because the insurance company may claim the accident didn’t cause your injuries and deny your claim. Furthermore, If you wait more than 14 days after an accident to seek medical treatment, you also waive your right to your PIP (Personal Injury Protection) benefits under your auto insurance, which will result in you having to pay for your medical expenses from your settlement.

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